Thursday, July 16, 2009

Upgrading to Eclipse Galileo 3.5 from Ganymede 3.4 on Mac OSX

These are my notes on what I had to do to upgrade to Eclipse Galileo.

My main motivation was have 1.6 be my default JDK. With Ganymede I had to set my default JAVA_HOME env var to point to 1.5, and point 1.6 dependent apps -- like my command line mvn builds -- to the (non default) 1.6 JDK. That's exactly the kind of thing I forget 5 minutes after I do it.


Just in case I need to do this again: as far as I could tell, upgrading to a major version of Eclipse currently requires a full, clean install. Which means no associated plugins. So I'm writing down the plugins I need to install, where to get them, etc.

Base Install

I installed the 32 bit Cocoa version of Galileo from

The diff between Cocoa and Carbon and 32 vs 64 bit is explained in detail here.

The tar file unloads to an eclipse directory: make sure you move your old version out of this dir if that's where you have it!

Plugin Installs

these were in order (Maven required Subversion)

(1) Subversion Plugin: I followed these instructions to install subclipse.

(2) Maven Plugin: I installed from

Follow Up

(1) I needed to change my JAVA_HOME environment var to point to my 1.6 install (I use soylatte).

(2) I needed to upgrade my subversion client to > 1.4 otherwise I saw an 'unsble to launch default SVN client' when trying to browse my SVN repo. I downloaded the latest svn client, restarted eclipse, and all was well.

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