Friday, March 27, 2009

Thoughts on GPS data analysis.

Notes to self:
  1. I'm collecting craploads of GPS data, delimited by 'event' (i.e. a run/ride/ski).
  2. I want to correlate that data to compare metadata associated with that GPS data (heart rate/pace)
  3. I want to do this in a non n^2 fashion.

Some thoughts:
  1. Similar 'events' usually center around the same GPS range. What is the margin of error for that range?
  2. If I can quickly get similar events grouped by center, than I can chunk them up by distance. Every event has a starting point, and even though GPS data will not be identical, distance would be a good way to divide events into similar subsections.
  3. Once I get similar event subsections, I can start comparing (i.e. graphing/analyzing) HR/pace data.
  4. Of course, all of this assumes that I've got a system that displays basic statistics for each event, and I'm not there yet.

1 comment:

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